Your First Appointment

Dr. Sami Farah

At your First Appointment, Dr. Farah will take a thorough history and perform a detailed examination of the hip and/or knee joint(s) to determine the impact your condition is having on your everyday life. You may be referred for further X-rays, an MRI or other tests to confirm the diagnosis.

To ensure that your first visit to see Dr. Farah is of maximum benefit, please remember the following:

  • Bring with you your referral letter from your family doctor;
  • Bring with you an uptodate list of any medications you are on;
  • Bring with you any relevant operation records or physiotherapy reports;
  • Bring with you any relevant old or current X-ray films, bone-scans, MRI films or other relevant tests;
  • Dress in clothes that will allow easy access to the affected joint during the clinical examination;
  • Your Medicare card and Private Health Insurance details;
  • If you are an aged-pensioner, please bring your current pension card;
  • If your condition/injury is work-related, please bring your workers compensation details including your claim number, insurer, and case manager’s contact details.
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