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Marketing Strategies For Home Builders: Why Social Media Works

Social Media Marketing Is Word Of Mouth on steroids for your business


The Marketing Funnel

If you’ve been in the home building business for a long time, you probably know all about the fundamentals of traditional marketing. Social media falls in the inbound marketing bucket. Many marketers use the “funnel” term to describe their strategy of acquisition, conversion and retention. The technique is as follows: at the top of the funnel are the clients they are working to find. A mid-range of time and energy is spent on converting these potential clients into loyal customers, but the clients they hope to keep are almost an afterthought.


Inverting the Funnel?

Social media marketing is different because it turns the funnel on its head, effectively creating a pyramid. Social media marketing has been something of a game-changer in the marketing world: the focus is now on retention rather than the acquisition of customers, creating a platform where clients are able to interact with your company’s media pages and spread information about your company through word of mouth.


What Makes Social Media Effective?

Social media has worked for countless other companies and using it as part of your marketing strategy can definitely work for you too. The key lies in constructing an effective social media marketing strategy.

There is no way to appeal to your followers without posting content. Regularly updating your Facebook page or Twitter account with engaging content will improve your relationship with your followers. By responding individually to supporters on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, your clients will feel that you care about them and will be much more likely to stick around.


Social Media And Home Building

For home builders, providing engaging content for followers is a very specific art. The most effective way for home builders to market their content to followers is to use visuals in social media.



For home builders and remodelers, Facebook has a high population of the typical target audience and lends itself well to image sharing. Videos are also viral material on Facebook and quickly grab the attention of users as the video auto-plays in their feed.



This social platform tends to lend itself toward a younger demographic but is a great resource to show off all the work you’ve done. It also features a “story” where you can post pictures in a highlighted section for followers to watch.

Stories tend to get more views and help your algorithm on Instagram. Stories disappear after 24 hours unless you add it to your Story Highlights where it’s saved to your profile. As a home builder or remodeler, you may find it beneficial to post progress pictures on the job details or other day-to-day content your followers would enjoy.



This social platform is perfect for showing off full projects and getting found by locals looking to upgrade their homes. You can also create idea books for your business filled with things you’d like to try in the future or ideas for your clients to look through.


Twitter posts are typically short and to the point. Tweeting a catchy or interesting line along with an image of a new home can pack a punch. Some example of engaging posts on Twitter include statistics, tips and tricks, and quick bits of information.


Ultimately, the purpose of social media is to make your clients comfortable and show that you care about them by interacting with them and, of course, showing them—literally—what your company is capable of. If you don’t have time for social media, don’t discount it. We have a tried and true program to keep your followers engaged on social media. Contact us today!

Contact us and we can start planning a path for you to grow your business today.

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