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Digital Transformation


Move away from chaos and towards scaleable systems.

Below are examples of frequently encountered business problems that our strategically implemented Digital Transformation solution will resolve for your business.

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales administration is absorbing too much time. This might involve compiling manual forecasts, long winded quoting processes and duplicated effort to process completed orders.
  • Marketing budget isn’t being used effectively because contacts are poorly segmented so messages aren’t targeted and result in unsatisfactory volumes of leads.
  • You don’t know how many leads your email campaigns are generating, or how many were converted into sales.
  • Too many sales opportunities are lost because no one kept in touch with prospects through follow-up calls or lead nurturing messages.
  • You can’t see a clear view of each customer relationship in one application which includes their order history which is a barrier to identifying new selling opportunities.

Customer Service

  • Customer churn is too high. Existing accounts aren’t segmented effectively and staff aren’t prompted to proactively follow up and engage with customers
  • Data is stored in different places which prevents anyone from seeing the full picture. This results in poor communication and weak service when important customer’s can be easily identified and relationship information isn’t readily available.
  • Service requests aren’t being dealt with efficiency and customer issues are frequently missed due to poor visibility and reporting of outstanding items.


  • Decision making is based on ‘gut feel’ and guesswork because reports aren’t trusted, or easily compiled.
  • You can’t confidently predict cash flow, project delivery or production requirements because supporting forecasts aren’t available, or are incomplete.
  • Key performance indicators aren’t being measured so some problems are being swept under the carpet and high achievers aren’t consistently recognised.


  • Teams are using a mix of systems but none of them connect. As a result, many processes are being duplicated and time is wasted throughout the business.
  • People are less effective when they’re away from the office because they can’t get access to the information they need.
  • Many processes and checks rely on the manual intervention of a small group of people, or just one person, which are prone to failure when these individuals aren’t available.
  • Many workflows consist of repetitive, time consuming processes. Routine tasks are taking too long to fulfil resulting in uncompetitive operational costs.
  • Your client data isn’t secure. Any team member can easily copy customer lists into a spreadsheet.


The benefits of Digital Transformation

Increased Revenue

Through implementing modern, cutting edge marketing technologies that enables you to increase conversion rates through profiling your customers and delivering personalising offers personalised offers to the right customer when they are most ready to purchase.

Cost Reductions

Through the identification and elimination of manual, time consuming processes and implementing an automated digital solution

Better Customer Experience

Your customers expect to you to be available 24/7. Businesses who respond to customers enquiries fastest are often the business that wins the sale. By implmenting digital solutions, you are able to be always available to your customer without any human intervention. Putting you ahead of your compeition.

Improved Internal Collaboration

Remove the sihlos in your business and see success flourish. Implementing digital collaboration tools helps increase communication and improve collaboration. Eliminating double up’s and finding process efficiences.

Increasing Management Productivity

Bringing together data from all area’s of the business into a single management portfolio view allows management to diagnose issues quickly and make decisions faster.

Businesses that tap into the power of digital transformation benefit from growth that powers their sales, revenue and profits.

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Digital Transformation gives your business the foundation it needs to achieve sustainable and scaleable growth.